Private Lessons

ONLY $60!

  • 1 Week (Monday-Thursday)

  • 4 Lessons

  • 30 Minute Lessons

  • One on One Instruction


Call or email us if you have any questions regarding lessons.



(Level 1) - Introductory Level 

Swimmers are introduced to gradual adaptation to the water. They work on (reorganized sentence) putting their face and the water, breath holding and releasing,  opening their eyes underwater, blowing bubbles, and bobbing.




(Level 2) - Beginner 1

We reinforce the skills from level one. Additionally, swimmers are introduced to floating on their front and back, as well as turning over.



(Level 3) - Beginner 2

The skills from levels one and two are reinforced. The swimmers are introduced to kicking in a streamlined position on their front and back. 



Little Swimmer

(Level 4) - Beginner 3

The swimmer's skills from level three are reinforced. Freestyle is introduced focusing on arm pulls. 



(Level 5) - Intermediate 1

The swimmers continue to work on freestyle skills from level four. Swimmers are introduced to breathing to the side, treading water, swimming further distances, and diving from the side of the pool.




(Level 6) - Intermediate 2

The swimmer's freestyle skills are reinforced. They begin to work on backstroke swimming and flip turns are introduced.

After passing Level 5, your swimmer is eligible to join the swim team! We are happy to discuss the swim team with you if you are interested or we can continue through the Private Lesson Level Progression! 



 Call or email us if you have any questions regarding lessons.


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