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Erin Tyler

Assistant Coach

My passion for swimming began in 1993 on my first summer team, the El Dorado Hills Tazmanian Devils. I was mentored, coached, and encouraged by some of the most loving and inspirational coaches and families and my love for the sport only grew. Even after making the switch to USA swimming, coaching on Taz was my first job, where I continued to instill the same things I was taught to all of the swimmers. I continued to coach and further my swimming career, swimming for Sierra Marlins, and being a six time All American, I continued to coach and teach swim lessons after my own swimming career ended after college and eventually got the opportunity to coach for Sierra Marlins as well. At this point, that is where I knew my niche was in the developmental side with age group swimmers. Fostering the love of the sport, while simultaneously making it fun and teaching the swimmers the importance of work ethic, keeps me coming back day after day, and year after year. I myself love to continue to learn about the sport, implementing the new with the old, working in dryland programming, and spreading my knowledge on nutrition. If I am not on the pool deck, you can find me at a Crossfit gym, hiking, or at the beach. I am very excited to start my journey with DART swimming family!