DART Captures Another 35+ Finals Slots on Day 2 of SJS High School Sections!

Our DART guys showed up big time today at the Boy's Prelims session of the Sac-Joaquin High School Section Meet. With finalists qualifying in every event, our DART swimmers will be well represented tomorrow in the boys' events! Finalists and their seeded spot for finals are listed below:

JV 200 Free:

William Bulris-1st

Jack Cook-2nd

Garrett Nelson-3rd

Varsity 200 Free:

Hayden Ghufran-1st

Spencer Merodio-6th

Emiliano Zamudio-9th

Dylan Bonilla-10th

JV 200 IM:

Remo Mann-1st

Alex Erickson-11th

Varsity 200 IM:

Brennan Fuchslin-3rd

Evan Rieger-13th

JV 50 Free:

Michael Romer0-2nd

Richard Lin-3rd

Noah Baoerjin-8th

Varsity 50 Free:

Henry Adamson-2nd

Harry Ross-3rd

Bryson Schmid-14th

JV 100 Fly:

Richard Lin-4th

Remo Mann-8th

Michael Wang-10th

Varsity 100 Fly:

Tate Cutler-2nd

Bryson Schmid-8th

JV 100 Free:

William Bulris-3rd

Nick Lee-4th

Varsity 100 Free:

Harry Ross-2nd

JV 500 Free:

Jack Cook-1st

Garrett Nelson-3rd

Varsity 500 Free:

Hayden Ghufran-1st

Brennan Fuchslin-3rd

Spencer Merodio-5th

Blake Fuchslin-13th

Dylan Bonilla-16th

JV 100 Backstroke:

Michael Romer0-1st

Nick Lee-4th

Alex Erickson-12th

Varsity 100 Backstroke:

Tate Cutler-1st

Emiliano Zamudio-9th

JV 100 Breaststroke:

Michael Wang-5th

Varsity 100 Breaststroke:

Henry Adamson-2nd

Justice Baoerjin-6th

*If you have any results corrections, please contact Coach Adriana

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