DART Swimmers Wrap Up a Successful Sac-Joaquin High School Sections Meet

After a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19, the CIF Sac-Joaquin Section Meet returned this year to Tokay High School in Lodi, CA. With over half of our DART Swimmers never having been to a Section meet, the athletes showed up and threw down some incredible swims with DART swimmers winning multiple Individual Varsity events and two all-DART relays setting new Sections Records (congratulations Davis High!)

Our Seniors: Tate Cutler, Hayden Ghufran, Charlotte Rosendale, Henry Adamson, Andrew Wong, Sanne Dequine. and Harry Ross, led the charge throughout the three days showing confidence and strong leadership as the only members of DART that had previous High School Championship experience. The leadership shown by our seniors wasn’t just felt on the deck, the Senior Class racked up 11 Individual Event wins in Finals. Sarah Bennetts won both the 100 Freestyle and the 100 Breaststroke, and there were so many other great finals swims!

You can see the full results by clicking the file below:

2022 sjs complete results
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Congratulations to all of our finalists on a great day of racing! You can check out their final placings here:

JV 200 Freestyle:

Emily Shinstock-15th

William Bulris-1st

Jack Cook-3rd

Garrett Nelson-7th

Varsity 200 Freestyle:

Ava Portell0- 2nd

Maddy Ching- 7th

Tehani Molina De La Rosa-10th

Hayden Ghufran-1st

Spencer Merodio-4th

Emiliano Zamudio-10th

Dylan Bonilla-14th

JV 200 IM:

Remo Mann-1st

Alex Erickson-12th

Varsity 200 IM:

Audrey Portell0-1st

Makena Leacox-7th

Lucy Huang-6th

Adelia Biell0-8th

Ella Ackerman-10th

Noelani Molina De La Rosa-14th

Brennan Fuchslin-5th

Evan Rieger-14th

JV 50 Free:

Michael Romer0-3rd

Richard Lin-2nd

Emma Trotter-1-4th

Varsity 50 Free:

Charlotte Rosendale-1st

Emma Trotter-12th

Ava-Samantha Bautista-16th

Henry Adamson-1st

Harry Ross-3rd

Bryson Schmid-11th

JV 100 Butterfly:

Kyla Cutler-7th

Leila Meraz-10th

Richard Lin-4th

Remo Mann-5th

Michael Wang-11th

Varsity 100 Butterfly:

Sanne Dequine-1st

Iz Meraz-3rd

Maddy Ching-4th

Adelia Biello-7th

Ava-Samantha Bautista-10th

Tate Cutler-1st

Bryson Schmid-7th

JV 100 Free:

Emily Shinstock-16th

William Bulris-2nd

Nick Lee-4th

Varsity 100 Free:

Sarah Bennetts-1st

Charlotte Rosendale-4th

Ava Portell0-6th

Harry Ross-1st

JV 500 Free:

Jack Cook-2nd

Garrett Nelson-3rd

Varsity 500 Free:

Audrey Portell0-1st

Tehani Molina De La Rosa-6th

Ella Ackerman-9th

Megan Gawlick-15th

Hayden Ghufran-1st

Brennan Fuchslin-3rd

Spencer Merodio-6th

Blake Fuchslin-9th

Dylan Bonilla-13th

JV 100 Backstroke:

Leila Meraz-2nd

Kyla Cutler-4th

Michael Romer0-2nd

Nick Lee-3rd

Alex Erickson-11th

Varsity 100 Backstroke:

Sanne Dequine-2nd

Sara Kos-7th

Iz Meraz-5th

Tate Cutler-1st

Emiliano Zamudio-9th

JV 100 Breaststroke:

Gabriella Ching-9th

Michael Wang-7th

Varsity 100 Breaststroke:

Sarah Bennetts-1st

Makena Leacox-2nd

Sara Kos-5th

Lucy Huang-8th

Emma Trotter-15th

Bella Delgadill0-16th

Henry Adamson-1st

Justice Baoerjin-7th

A huge congratulations to ALL of our Sections qualifiers:

Ella Ackerman, Henry Adamson, Justice Baoerjin, Noah Baoerjin, Ava-Samantha Bautista, Sarah Bennetts, Adelia Biello, Dylan Bonilla, Teaghan Brostrom, William Bulris, Ella Ching, Maddy Ching, Boyeon Choy, Jack Cook, Tate Cutler, Kyla Cutler, Bella Delgadillo, Sanne Dequine, John Doughty, Alex Erickson, Brennan Fuchslin, Blake Fuchslin, Megan Gawlick, Hayden Ghufran, Keilani Greer, Jackson Harris, Lucy Huang, Bianca Ignacio, Isabella Johnson, Sara Kos, Greta Laborde Lagrave, Makena Leacox, Nick Lee, Shuxin Li, Richard Lin, Remo Mann, Iz Meraz, Leila Meraz, Spencer Merodio, Julia Miles, Tehani Molina De La Rosa, Noelani Molina De La Rosa, Garrett Nelson, Jack Ortman, Audrey Portello, Ava Portello, Raymond Ran, Marissa Recio, Logan Reilly, Evan Reiger, Trinity Rivera, Michael Romero, Matthew Romero, Charlotte Rosendale, Reece Rosenquist, Harry Ross, Bryson Schmid, Amy Schroeder, Emily Shinstock, Alexis Taliaferro, Elaina Taliaferro, Emma Trotter, Michael Wang, Kevin Wong, Andrew Wong, and Emiliano Zamudio

*Please send any corrections to Coach Adriana

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