DART Swimming Shines at Sac-Joaquin High School Sections Girls Prelims

Thats a wrap on Day 1 of the High School Sections! Our young women showed up big time today at Day 1 of the Sac-Joaquin High School Section Meet with swims in the 50 Free, 100 Fly, and 100 Breaststroke that were barely off the Section Records! Below are all of our finalists from Day 1 and where they are seeded heading into finals on Saturday:

JV 200 Freestyle:

Emily Shinstock - 15th

Varsity 200 Freestyle:

Ava Portell0- 3rd

Maddy Ching-8th

Tehani Molina De La Rosa-10th

Varsity 200 IM:

Audrey Portell0-1st

Makena Leacox-2nd

Lucy Huang-6th

Adelia Biell0-8th

Ella Ackerman-12th

Noelani Molina De La Rosa-14th

Varsity 50 Free:

Charlotte Rosendale-1st

Emma Trotter-15th

Ava-Samantha Bautista-16th

JV 100 Butterfly:

Kyla Cutler-4th

Leila Meraz-9th

Varsity 100 Butterfly:

Sanne Dequine-1st

Iz Meraz-2nd

Maddy Ching-3rd

Adelia Biello-7th

Ava-Samantha Bautista-9th

JV 100 Free:

Emily Shinstock-15th

Varsity 100 Free:

Sarah Bennetts-1st

Charlotte Rosendale-2nd

Ava Portell0-5th

Varsity 500 Free:

Audrey Portell0-1st

Tehani Molina De La Rosa-2nd

Ella Ackerman-9th

Megan Gawlick-16th

JV 100 Backstroke:

Leila Meraz-2nd

Kyla Cutler-4th

Varsity 100 Backstroke:

Sanne Dequine-3rd

Sara Kos-5th

Iz Meraz-7th

JV 100 Breaststroke:

Gabriella Ching-12th

Varsity 100 Breaststroke:

Sarah Bennetts-1st

Makena Leacox-2nd

Sara Kos-4th

Lucy Huang-6th

Emma Trotter-14th

Bella Delgadill0-15th

*If you have any results corrections, please contact Coach Adriana

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